Work Sessions

The Community Toolbox – Amelia Franck Meyer, MS, MSW, LISW, CAPSW

We all have a role in creating a trauma-informed community that helps youth heal, rather than continue to unintentionally perpetuate harm through systemic re-victimization of children and youth.  In this solutions-focused working session, we will work together to identify what practices were in our “old toolbox” that no longer serve us, and develop a “new toolbox” that allows all of us to come to the aid of helping children from a more trauma-informed perspective.

Building a Community Tool Box PowerPoint

Workforce Well-Being  – Amelia Franck Meyer, MS, MSW, LISW, CAPSW

The most important tool in our toolbox for helping children and youth to heal is the protection and healing achieved through our own relational connection with youth.  Therefore, our own well-being is critical to sustaining the connection necessary to walk youth through to the other side of their dark places.  Because leaders set culture, the well-being of the leadership is also critical to building and sustaining a healthy and safe environment for employees to do this important work.  In this session, we will identify the importance of workforce well-being and some practical tips for helping to achieve and sustain our own well-being.

Workforce WellBeing and Resiliency PowerPoint