General Session Overview

Elisabeth’s Story (0.5 Cultural Diversity CE hours)
Teresa R. Mosley, M.Ed.
This presentation tells the story of a young girl’s struggle with anxiety and depression that ended in a tragic way, as told by her mother. Mrs. Mosley describes Elisabeth’s struggles, how her family has survived, and what needs to be done to help adolescents and families deal with mental health issues.

REACH: Pushing Your Skills and Effectiveness to the Next Level* (5.0 Clinical CE hours)
Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., International Center for Clinical Excellence
What can mental health professionals do to enhance their performance? Available evidence makes clear that attending a typical continuing education workshop, specializing in the treatment of a particular problem, or learning a new treatment model does little to improve effectiveness.

Over the last decade, Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., together with colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence, have been tracking the outcomes of thousands of clinicians around the world. Along the way, they have identified specific practices that separate highly-effective from average clinicians. How much better? On average, they achieve 50% better outcomes than their equally-trained and credentialed peers. What’s more, the best have lower dropout rates and deliver better and more consistent outcomes across a range of client diagnoses, presenting complaints, and motivational levels.

In this presentation, participants will learn specific strategies that separate the good from the great. Attendees will learn a simple method for determining their effectiveness – what works and what doesn’t. Scott will share an evidence-based method for pushing your performance to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Participates will learn 3 specific evidence-based practices employed by highly effective therapists.
  2. Participants will learn an empirically sound but user friendly method for determining effectiveness of practice compared to peers or national norms.
  3. Participants will learn how to identify cases most at risk for dropping out of treatment or experiencing a negative outcome.
  4. Participants will learn how to develop a profile of their most and least effective practices.
  5. Participants will learn an evidence-based method for pushing their performance to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency.

*Must attend full session; no partial CE credit will be given.

Every Child Can Be a Success: Creating Positive Outcomes (0.5 Cultural Diversity CE hours)
Nick Hughes, Broadmoor Baptist Church
In this session, Nick will share his story of triumph. Success is more about the ability to overcome than it is to achieve. After this talk, you will have a better picture of what success looks like for children and how we can all be change agents for children. We hold in our hands the power to help create positive outcomes for children. May we be courageous enough to give children an honest chance, the love they need, and the faith to overcome their present circumstances.

Inclusion and Belonging (0.5 Cultural Diversity CE hours)
Taheti Watson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Canopy Children’s Solutions
Diversity and Inclusion is necessary in every organization to drive innovation in the workplace, but is not enough. Have you ever thought about the meaning of diversity and inclusion? Diversity is everything that makes you uniquely you and inclusion is the act of inviting you equally and respectfully. But what does anyone at a human level really want? They want to bring their uniqueness to work and feel a sense of belonging. Taheti Watson, Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer, with Canopy Children’s Solutions will speak on inclusiveness and belonging in the workplace.